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At Short Term Stay Atlanta, we want to introduce you to one of the biggest cities in the Southeast United States. The first MLS Cup final was played on October 20, 1996. As of 2016, the record for the most championships is held by the Los Angeles Galaxy with five cup titles. The record for the most championships lost is held by the New England Revolution , who lost the game five times during their history. The championship has been won by the same team in two or more consecutive years on three occasions.

After making rounds to various stores, comparing prices and inventory, I decided that either Finish Line or Foot Locker was the best options. I then proceeded to approach each salesman at their respective stores to see if they could sell me on this purchase. A couple of other shoes had caught my eye at each store so I still was leaning towards the D-Rose shoe, but wasn't 100% sold on the shoe.

Bob Bradley's return to American soil could not be going any better and it's a bit spooky given he's the only manager to ever lead an MLS club to a Cup in its inaugural season. Opening the campaign with +4000 odds to lift the trophy, LAFC has already seen that line slashed in half and can now be bet at +2000, an important number given what I said last week in the archived article below.

The term Judy" is a local term for a girl-friend" and was a pleasantry. It is not used so widely these days and is thought to originate from a Liverpool sea-shanty. As far as I know, use of the term "Judy" for a girl-friend is pure Liverpool, and not used anywhere else in the world.

Jose Menendez was born in 1944 to an upper-class family in Jerez, Zacatecas, Mexico. His father was a well-known soccer player who played in Chivas of Guadalajara and owned an accounting firm. His mother was a swimmer who was elected to Cuba's sports hall of fame. Jose had two older sisters, Teresita, known as "Terry," and Marta. Jose's parents' accomplishments in sports guaranteed them an honored place in Cuban society. In 1960, after the Cuban Revolution, Jose fled to the United States, where he premier league table settled in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, studying English and eventually accounting. Jose was a very successful businessman who worked his way up from nothing to having a $1 million a year plus salary. While director of RCA Records, he signed acts such as Eurythmics and Duran Duran. Jose was so committed to his work that he once flew the Concorde overseas to watch his son play in a tennis tournament. As soon as the match concluded, he flew the Concorde back again so he could wrap up a business deal.