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As spring and summer approaches, many people begin to become more active outdoors, and sandals become part of the seasons' shoe fashion. Zimology", the first solo release by Zim, illustrates his uncanny ability as a musician, composer and fine saxophonist. Recorded in Norway along with two of the original members of San and Zim's long time pianist Andile Yenana, 'Zimology' once again established him as the undoubted king of South African avant-garde jazz Eastbay music, a genre that he has embraced whole heartedly, unlike numerous of his contemporaries. The album is dedicated to a number of his influences including Yusef Latef, Archie Shepp and Pharaoh Sanders whom he studied and played with while on a Wynston Marsalis scholarship at the Max Roach Institute of Jazz in Massachusetts. He also pays tribute to local jazz legend Mongezi Feza (Blue Notes and Brotherhood of Breath) with the track You Think You Know Me".

Future bet. At the start of each horse racing season, you will be able to get odds on a horse to win a certain event at some future point which you specify. The odds you get are fixed, so even if they shorten for everyone else as the race approaches, you still get the original odds you were offered.

Na dodatek Pisowcy porównują aferę KNF do afery AMBER GOLD tylko, że w przypadku AMBER GOLD, KNF starało się informować tym, że są podejrzenia co do działalności tej firmy, ale premier rządu nie może powiedzieć do narodu "nie inwestujcie w jakiś biznes( w tym przypadku Amber Gold) bo byłby zlinczowany jak to premier rządu niszczy przedsiębiorczość w państwie.

In 2004, Liverpool achieved the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City was registered by UNESCO as the supreme example of a commercial port at the time of Britain's greatest global influence" There are six specific historic areas included in Liverpool's World Heritage Site.

Jazz is thus the exact musical reflection of modernist industrial capitalism," and jazz has also been likened to the sound of of the past and resent, and Irving Berlin called jazz the "music of the machine age." Players drew influences from everyday street talk in Harlem , as well as from French Impressionist paintings. The Improvised nature begs the player to dismantle and examine pre-existing structure within music. As tribute to the modernity of jazz, one needs to examine various media that drew influences from the jazz.