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There is a need for people to create their own career plans. Water shoes are a needed piece of equipment for fitness and sports but they have also found a great following with runners - ironically barefoot runners - runners who demand the ultimate in comfort and economy. Journey with us as we explore the different needs and uses of water shoes from scuba diving, sun bathing to synchronized swimming. Who better than to guide us than Mattel's very own Barbie. Mattel's Ken was legendary for always being off surfing but Barbie covered all the sports.

The ball curves far too much, it is a nightmare not only for the goalkeepers but for the players. A simple cross becomes ridiculously hard to control because it somehow turns backspin into topspin really easily and just keeps going. However, this has nothing to do with foot control, only with the aerodynamics of the ball which I think was exaggerated. The only danger this ball provides to the keepers is the shots from outside the box, especially if you try to curve it. But it hinders the game enough to actually make it harder to score good goals, so it's come down to luck rather than skill.

Also - a person should NEVER fast using only water for longer than 7 days. Medical Experts even say that doing a juice fast more than every two years can be very damaging to your body. I would never consider a juice fast a "diet" of any kind - that is not a healthy or balanced view of food or eating in any way. Comparing what I did to a diet is just ignorant - I could have denied your comment, but I didn't because it's important for readers to see that you didn't obviously read my story in its entirety. A "true" fast is something this is spiritual in nature - and should be purposeful - and have nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with food, loosing weight, or restrictive dieting and that's just flat out eating disorder zone there. I appreciate your desire for accuracy - I have a zeal for the truth too - I just don't believe you have a true understanding for the purpose of a fast.

The article above about Mobile Technologies: Information on the Move" by Denise posted above, touches on why these are in short apply. That is, the access to the World ice Web for Africans of South Africa if fraught with many middlemen, censorship and the governent's Menendez Brothers tightening its noose to reign-in and control the media. This is no different from what Apartheid did to convince Africans that they were tribes, and were different, and theta hey are not one nation nor a nation, but a collective or backward 'tribes".

Putting a for sale by owner sign on the front yard is no longer good enough if you want to sell your home quickly for a reasonable price. In fact, many real estate agents avoid FSBO signs and won't show those properties to their clients. This will drive away many likely buyers, so skip the for sale by owner sign" in the yard.