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Spilsby, The Birthplace Of Sir John Franklin And Alfred, Lord Tennyson

The Christmas tree is the most recognizable symbol of the Christmas holidays. -Znany ze strzelenia dwóch goli Niemcom podczas inauguracji mistrzostw świata 2006 Paulo Wanchope objął tymczasowo stery nad reprezentacją po mundialu w 2014 roku. Świetne wyniki w Copa Centroamericana (zwycięstwo) dały byłemu snajperowi pracę na stałe. Karierę przerwała jednak bójka ze stewardem, po której związek natychmiastowo zwolnił Wanchope'a.

Eriksen was the club's best outfield player this season, and one can see him asserting himself as the club's best overall squad member next season. But this season, it was Lloris. Forget the stats, which are indeed impressive: 14 clean sheets and 103 saves in 37 starts. They don't tell the whole story. Through his combination of catlike reflexes and sweeper-keeper style of play, the French national team goalie had many talking about him as arguably being the league's best netminder. Sure, he made some mistakes now and then, sometimes as a function of his trademark aggressiveness. But on the whole, from August through May he proved to be a constant, stabilizing force in the back even when all else seemed to be falling apart around him.

Brian McDermott:- His stay with Reading has not changed club' fate much. They have been struggling to get up from the bottom position at the Premier League table but unable to do so with their five points. Their matches against 3 teams positioned in the lower half of the table including Norwich City, Wigan Athletic and Aston Villa will be crucial and Dermott's fate remains dependent on the outcome of these matches.

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