Apple May Release AirPods With Wireless Charging In Early 2019

Here are a few Liverpool jokes to tickle your fancy. Whoscored has Atlanta at 27 touches inside the box, with an insanely high 8 firing within the 6 yard box. While a few of the 19 were from range, 19 shots on 27 touches inside the box feels pretty high to me - it feels very efficient. Because of all of this, I would not describe Atlanta's 25% SOT conversion in this game as wasteful or as evidence of sloppiness in the final third." I would say the team were mostly lights out efficient in turning attacks into threats and threats into huge threats. Jesse Gonzalez stood on his head some, but at the same time, even while putting on massive shots and xG numbers, Atlanta still bested the 2.8 expected goals with 3 actual goals. I would say finishing was not a problem in this one.

Against Liverpool Howe will know that the team has to be more compact if it is to quell the threat of the reds attacking force. Playing three at the back and five in midfield is how Eddie ha gone against the top six sides, and I see every reason to pick that formation again with Tyrone Mings playing a major role in the centre of a back three. However, Gosling has been ruled out which depletes the central midfield options.

There's a new eSports organization in town. In partnership with EA Sports, Major League Soccer is launching eMLS - an eSports league in which 19 of the 23 MLS clubs will select a competitor to represent them. Those gamers will compete in the eMLS Cup, which will take place during PAX East in April, and the winner will then go on to the FIFA 18 Global Series and have a chance to play in the FIFA eWorld Cup.

The announcement comes at a cost for the retailers who choose to accept Venmo payments - they'll be charged processing fees for each Venmo transaction, the hope being that increased sales from young shoppers will offset the slivers of cash that siphoned into PayPal's coffers. On the flip side, these retailers don't have to do any additional work to start taking people's money via Venmo, and since your online purchases will show up in your Venmo transaction feed, some of these online stores may benefit from a little extra social exposure. We'll soon see whether businesses actually see growth as a result of PayPal's Venmo push - consider us highly skeptical.

You need to list the property on the Liverpool, since this is the first place many buyers look. Except for neighbors and investors looking for good deals, most home buyers won't look farther than the MLS. So pay the fee of a few hundred dollars to list the property on the MLS. You'll put your home in the listings along with the properties shown by realtors. This will bring more potential buyers and increase the odds of a good offer. You can put ads for the property in your local paper or online forum as well, but the MLS listing should be done first.

While everyone reviewing this case may come away with a different opinion, the only one that matters, that of the jury which heard the second trial for the brothers, is the only one which counts. And that jury found both brothers guilty and sentenced both to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.