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Atlanta is one of the most progressive cities in the United States. It's hard to do justice to Douglas Rushkoff's work in just a few thousand words. He is a prolific producer of media and each contains a wide range of ideas and illustrations. To sum his work up in a few words, though, Douglas Rushkoff is an optimist. He believes that technology has the potential to liberate humanity from control from above - whether by dogmatic ideology or religion,or by big business trying to coerce us into buying things, or by politicians trying to make us tow their line.

Research in this area may be seen as reductionist due to only focussing on the simplistic explanation that what a child will see, will influence their views, in this case the study assumed that gender stereotypes were learnt premier league table through watching adverts. However more holistic research investigated the complex interaction between gender and race and found that black males were shown to be aggressive and white females were often highly sexualised.

Don't forget Liverpool's pilgrimage to the delights in the evocation of the group in places like the Cavern Club or the White Star pub, the famous Penny Lane or Strawberry fields in addition to the homes of John, Paul, George and Ringo. A Liverpool which was also crucial to the careers of the Rolling Stones, the Who and the Kinks, bands that were prominent in the city's Mathew Street.

That league-wide increase in ticket price shouldn't keep fans down for too long. In fact, even with the notable price hike, MLS still remains the most affordable ticket across all five major sports. That $66 league average pales in comparison to the NFL, where tickets during the 2016 season commanded a $190 average. MLB tickets during the 2017 season own the second lowest average at $103 - still 56 percent higher than MLS.

Only Nabil Bentaleb, making his first league start today, offered anything inventive before the half. The 19-year-old midfielder clearly fascinates Sherwood, and Bentaleb showed promise on two near misses: a low shot from distance that almost created a rebound chance for Soldado and then a would-be wonder-goal candidate that struck the post and rebounded across the width of the goal. But even with these teases, one wonders why Sherwood doesn't more highly value Etienne Capoue, a much more imposing midfield presence who looked like the strongest player on the pitch at points early this season, albeit briefly before suffering an injury.

Four sets of grandparents, three step-siblings, two sets of parents, a child caught in the middle… and a partridge in a pear tree. A child will feel guilt if she hears her parent complaining about limited time, or how much the parent will miss the child. Be upbeat and focus on the fact that your child has many people who want to share a special day with her.