CAUTION: A Chelsea can and will sting if provoked. We often here of culture" in the workplace. What is the culture" of your home? I don't mean how do you celebrate Christmas, or do you have a family favorite activity that everyone seems to love. I mean what does your workplace or home create, right when you walk into the door.

Assuming you have some red and green ornaments lying around the house it is quite possible to create a beautiful theme by placing these ornaments on a white Christmas tree. You could use red bows and green ornaments or some sort of combination of the two. Of course you could do with any colors you would like. Silver and blue ornaments look quite lovely on a white Christmas tree, as do many other colors. White is neutral and looks pretty good with almost any other color on the market.

At the time of his birth, Gauguin's father, Clovis, was a French journalist; his mother, Alina, was the daughter of socialist writer and activist Flora Tristan. At the age of three, due to the constant political unrest and victory of Louis Napoleon (1769-1821), Paul's family embarked on a ship headed for Lima, Peru. His father died during the trip.

Atlanta bears a history that is unique in its own way. In the year 1822, when the city was established many people saw it as a city that had the repute of native village. As a storage house of the military supplies during the times of American civil war and Second World War, Atlanta served to a very supportive and valuable city. It was only until the year 1960, that the nation rewarded the city with its role by declaring it as the 'Major Organizing Centre'.

Yes, it's true; you don't have to be an athlete to get athlete's foot. All that needs to happen in order for you catch this annoying and itchy condition is for your feet to come in contact with a moist, warm environment that just so happens to have the right organism living in it. That is why so many people (especially men) contract athlete's foot in locker rooms, pool areas and bathrooms. Unfortunately, you can also get athlete's foot from your own footwear. If you wear old shoes (especially tennis shoes) without socks and you just so happen to sweat a lot…you will most likely, at one point or another, develop athlete's foot.