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1970 proved a fruitful year for the solo Beatles, George Harrison releasing his behemoth 'All Things Must Pass', Paul McCartney cobbling his arresting homemade debut and John Lennon expressing his soul in a manner he never again equaled. Do we really fear that intelligent machines will seize control, that the Matrix or Terminator may become reality? I think not. Fear of an uncertain future is without doubt the second of the twofold cause, but it's not fear of technology controlling society. It's fear of unscrupulous people of power using technology for purposes that do not serve the wellbeing of the many but rather the few. And at a foundational level, it's fear of somehow losing our own humanity.

The Eastern half of northern hemisphere has always got a privilege of being the world's masters in naturopathy, ayurveda and herbal product remedies. Also considered the Oriental Asia or South Asia, these countries have lured people from all across the world with numbers of nature based remedial treatments.

Big Northern Industrial funders like and including The Rockefeller-financed General Education, the Peabody, Slater, Jeanes, Phelp-Stokes, and Rosenwald, avoided giving support to Black higher education (in contrast to industrial education) during the late and early 20th centuries. they had no intention of making Black higher education broadly accessible to a college-age population Bumblebee of over 250,000 Black youths in the first two decades of the 1900s, these philanthropists did support the ideas of developing a smaller number — i.e., two high quality universities and three high bred colleges — of Black institutions of higher learning designed primarily to produce educated leaders whose role it was to inculcate White American values into the Black masses.

It is up to you to unleash the Power of Imagination and become a conscious co-creator! Practicing the Art of Intentional Creation helps you know who you really are and the results of your new awareness will become manifest in your every day life. If you want to create joy, love, success, wealth and peace in the world, create it within yourself first! Re-create yourself and start demonstrating the power of extraordinary thoughts and images. Gandhi once said, " We must be the world we want to create." As you focus on things that feel good to you, you will be creating the most wonderful, joyous life imaginable.

Featuring world famous football teams, such as Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, and the Blackburn Rovers, the League symbolizes the very best in the world of professional football and all it has to offer. Ruling the roost is Manchester United, which has won 12 championships since the league was formed. Part of the reason they've been able to do so well is they have uniformity and consistency in coaching. Sir Alex Ferguson has been the manager of Manchester United since the league was formed, the only current manager to boast this unique accomplishment of longevity. In addition to coaching, Manchester United has one of the most rabid fan bases in all the world.