A Look Inside Major League Soccer's Booming Resale Ticket Market

A Look Inside The Modern Sports Fan

Amber Heard official fansite is welcoming! Cyntoia Brown could be a gifted litigator, professor Preston Shipp thought, as he discussed the moving parts of the criminal justice system with his 30 students. Inquisitive, engaged, able to parse a legal principle and trace its lineage, the 21-year-old Brown was unlike anyone he'd ever taught.

All of this gadgetry adds up to a far different cinematic take on the character than we've seen over the past few decades. And that's clearly for the better. One of the biggest issues with the Amazing Spider-Man films is that they felt like a bland and unnecessary rehash. Did we really need to see Peter Parker learn the same lessons; anguish over Uncle Ben; and fall for another high school crush so soon? With Homecoming, we get something completely fresh and new.

In 2008, Chris Rock's documentary Good Hair revived a global conversation about the politics of black hair. The film explored the physical, emotional and financial toll that straightening hair takes on black UFC 231 women's lives as they try to fulfil Eurocentric beauty ideals. The documentary harshly criticised wearing weaves and using chemical relaxers. But it left viewers without clear pathways for change.

It was on that Sunday in May after shooting a role of film that I decided to go home and catch the Formula one race on television; the Monaco Grand Prix which I had heard so much about but had never seen. If truth be let out I was not a car racing fan at the time as I really knew very little if anything about car races other then the fact that they bored me stiff specially after having seen the American Indy and NASCAR races which like other American sporting activities that include baseball simply held no entertainment for me what so ever.

The "SQUADS" sheet contains the squad for all teams. Click on a player for more details (Internet Connection required). The "LIVE SCORECARD" sheet updates scorecard (when IPL matches are played) from Cricinfo. Right click and click REFRESH DATA for latest scores.