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Restorative Justice - A Working Information for Our Schools: This guide from the Alameda County Schools Health Coalition covers a range of matters, together with an in-depth introduction, examples of restorative practices, and the impact these packages can have. Sierra Leoneans, on their half Fleur East, have each purpose to feel proud that a Black American neighborhood has been capable of preserve a lot Sierra Leonean cultural heritage, and that a portion of them waged the longest and fiercest wrestle towards slavery in United States historical past.

Particularly, these claims contain: malicious slander and defamation; harassment; intimidation; retaliation; witness tampering; forgery; obstruction of justice; fraud; the conspiracy to defraud and hurt in collaboration with city, county, and state officers; the conspiracy to defraud and harm in collaboration with Southwest Baptist University, Southern Baptist and Missouri Baptist Conventions and different church officials; the conspiracy to defraud and harm in collaboration with native business and community members; the intentional infliction of bodily harm, pain and suffering; the intentional infliction of emotional misery and social, religious, and psychological anguish, pain and suffering; financial injury and losses; the invasion of privacy and violation of confidentiality; pastoral negligence and the abuse of pastoral privilege and authority, and various conspiracies to cause injury, humiliation, debasement, and harm.

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I've written a fair amount about restorative justice - RJ - over the last few years. It is a motion about healing and sanity, truth, dignity, respect, wholeness. It is catching on in Chicago, where I live: within the faculties, within the juvenile justice system, in the broken 'hoods. RJ is about repairing hurt, not punishing wrongdoers and, within the process, saddling them with a lifelong id as criminals. It's also about telling the truth, and constructing relationships with reality as the bedrock. It's about connecting.