Grandfather Saves Boy From Giant Anaconda Attack

In Brazil about 250 miles northwest of Sao Paulo on a ranch near the city of Cosmorama, a giant green anaconda attacked an 8 year old boy named Mateus who is almost eaten alive before 66 year old grandfather named Joaquim Pereira saves him. When Mateus came face to face with one in the wild, he was lucky to escape with his life as his grandfather fought and killed the anaconda.
On that day, Mateus and his friend were playing by a creek bed where a giant 16 foot anaconda lay hidden just underneath the water's surface waiting for an animal to approach for a drink but Mateus was going to be its meal. The massive anaconda attacked the boy knocking him to the ground as it's large jaws bit down on the boy's neck and shoulder. His friend was stunned with fear as he watched the giant snake quickly wrapped itself around Mateus, squeezing the life out of him.
Then, his friend sprinted off to find Mateus's grandfather who reached the scene shortly after to find his grandson being swallowed head first by a man-eating snake. His grandfather began to beat and stab the snake merciless with a rock in one hand and a small machete in the other to save him. The giant snake's skin was like armor as it took Joaquim nearly 30 minutes to inflict enough damage to free his grandson from the snake's death grip. Mateus was rushed to the hospital and needed 21 stitches in his chest but no bones were broken and he miraculously lived to tell his amazing experience.