Baby Miraculously Survived After 8 Day Being Buried in the Cemetery

How could be possible for a baby to survive 8 days being buried in the ground alive? You might think it is impossible but in China, a newborn baby has been found alive after being buried for eight days by his parents in the mountains of Guangxi province in southern China.
The baby boy was abandoned by his parents in Tian Dong County after being born with a cleft lip but he was miraculously discovered after a middle-aged woman named "Lu Fenglian" heard his crying while she was collecting Chinese medicines. Lu Fenglian was shocked to hear the crying sounds and she thought the mountain to be haunted so she ran to a Buddhist temple for help. The 75-year-old priest, Zhao Shimin, realized that the crying was in fact a baby and was coming from underground. Then, he immediately called the police who arrived on scene and located the baby. The little boy was buried just five centimeters below the surface in a cardboard box, and was covered in earth and soil that he seeped through the damp box.