5 Deadliest Roller Coaster Accident

Riding a roller coaster is fun having a great experiences but once it turns to roller coaster disaster, it will makes you think twice about your next roller coaster ride. There are 5 scary deadly roller coaster incidents shown below. Batman: The Ride – 2008 On June 28, 2008, a young man at Six Flags Over Georgia dropped his hat on 'Batman: The Ride'. The man decided to jump two fences and get it back himself instead of getting another hat which resulted to knocking his head clean off when the roller coaster car came by it.
Puff the Little Fire Dragon – 1989 In 1989 a 6-year-old boy managed to slip out of the "Puff the Little Fire Dragon" ride’s safety restraints and he fell out onto the ground below. It was only a four foot drop, so he wasn't badly hurt but he then tried to climb back onto the tracks and the same car looped around and knocked him in the head. It claimed his life instantly.
Ride of Steel – 2011 James Hackemer had lost his legs in the Gulf War but he didn't let it get him down. He and his family went to the Darien Lake amusement park outside of Buffalo and he was strapped into the 20-story Ride of Steel coaster, which ends into a fatal mistake. Going over one of the small hills towards the ride’s end, Hackemer bounced out of his restraints and fell to his death.
Fujin Raijin II – 2007 In 2007, the Fujin Raijin II roller coaster at Expoland, outside of Osaka, derailed, sending cars flying off the tracks, which killed a college student and injured 19 others. Expoland closed soon after the disaster.
Big Dipper – 1972 In England, at the Battersea Park Fun Fair, an old-school wooden roller coaster known as the "Big Dipper" unfortunately wear out quickly after it was not scrupulously maintained. The rope that hauled the cars to the top of the launch hill snapped, the anti-rollback mechanism failed, and a chain of cars came barreling back into the boarding area, killing five children and horribly injuring 13 others.